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is the united states refining its anti-piracy strategy. the coast guard is bringing apprehended pirates to justice. how to fend off attacks. commander shannon gilrees, chief of prevention log group. commander, welcome to the show. >> thank you, sir. >> so how is the united states refining its anti-piracy campaign. >> we'll continue to adapt to what the pirates are throwing at us as far as their techniques. we are working with the maritime industry to try to answer their questions about how we can help them address the problems in the region. we're also working with interagency -- agency by that i mean the department of defense, department of state, the maritime administration, other agencies -- >> the justice department as well? >> the justice department as well. we're working to refine that policy to adapt the policies the pirates are using. >> prosecuting captured pirates has been a challenge. you can't drop them off in somalia for trial, for example. what is going on in that front in terms of cooperation the united states is striking with other country in the region to bring these gu
chief for "alternate." will also talk with a guest about the united states effort to resolve longstanding difference between israelis and palestinians. also note tim brown of the 9/11 network coalition. he will be here to talk was about the december 5 rally in new york against bernanke 9/11 suspects to a federal courthouse in lower manhattan. . . american icons, continues tonight at 8:00 p.m., with the history, art and architecture of the most symbolic structures, tonight at 8:00 p.m. on c-span and get your own copy of american icons, a three-disk set, $24.95. order on-line at now a look back at cuban missile crisis, with kennedy advisors ted sornson and carol kasem. from the kennedy library in boston, this is an hour and 15 minutes. this war policy was done in secret and steps were taken to deceive us by every means they could. they were planning in november to open to the world the fact that they had these missiles so close to the united states, not that they are with intending to fire them, because if they were going to get into a niewg clear struggle, th
they could actually make a difference with the ballot. >> the united states needs to say to the world we have to solve the problem of our continuing confrontation with the muslim world it has undermined the success of president after president. and we cannot continue that way. we have to find a way to overcome that barrier and therefore israel has to see itself in the context of the whole western alliance. >> rose: friedman, rogan, cohen next. >> funding for charlie rose has been provided by the following. >> each day a billion people won't find safe drinking water. around the world we're helping communitites to access clean water. working to improve lives through conservation and education. one drop at a time. >> additional funding for charlie rose was also provided by these funders. . >> and by bloomberg, a provider of multimedia news and information services worldwide captioning sponsored by rose communications from our studios in new york city, this is charlie rose. >> this was a big week in diplomacy for president oa. last night he returned from a week long visit to asia it took him to j
it from europe, you see it from the united states and you see it from asia. tell me what you see. >> well, i see a very different situation. in europe there is no recovery and i think 2010's going to be a mediocre year in europe. same thing in japan. we don't see any recovery. we see resistance to the decline but no recovery. in the united states, things look more promising for the short term. you know, after a very large chop in the economy and particularly in the automobile industry. >> rose: but generally those impressions you just said are about the economy overall. >> yeah, but the economy overall we see slight growth in 2010. but a situation very different from one country to the other. >> rose: at what point in an economic recovery do consumers think about automobiles? >> well, you know, it depends where the consumer is. if he's in china or in brazil or india, he's thinking all the time about automobiles. what's the best opportunity? what's the best deal? and we're seeing these sales booming all the time. you know, no matter what. now, in that time, you have an increase of 5% or 10
interest of the united states it is urgently needed. the president knows achieving this goal will be difficult. he has said that he will not one of her -- waver in his pursuit in the middle east. for that reason, he has dedicated himself and his it ministration to the resumption of negotiations and to the creation of an atmosphere that maximizes thesuccess. the steps we have suggested to all parties to improve the atmosphere for negotiations are not ends in themselves. they certainly are not preconditions to negotiations. they can make a valuable contribution for achieving our goals of successful negotiations that result in a two-stage solution. that is why we urge the palestinians to expand and improve their security efforts and to take strong and meaningful action. it is why we have urged the arab state to take steps toward normalization. at the is what we have urged israel to stop activity. while they fall short, we feel the steps announced by the prime minister are significant and could have substantial impact on the ground. for the first time ever, an israeli government
hnology is more important than ever in driving the united states economy and also 33 percent saying united states will be the global tech leader and a lot of americans think we will not. why is that? >> there's good reason to be concerned. it's not so much that america's innovation pro west is lagging but that the rest of the world is catching us. the recession has not helped with unemployment at ten percent we have good minds not contributing to the economy and we've seen anybody incorporate america has seen a lot of projects and r and d spending cut back as companies try to trim costs as their top line as shrunk so the survey captures the notion that both in the long-term and short-term there's things to be concerned about. > the first paragraph of the story says by most measures, america remains the world leader in technology achievement. consider the 2009 nobel prize winners of the 13 people honored nine were america's. not bad, right? >> but the nobel is a lagging indicator that people earn that typically at the end of their career for work that took place in many cases years and years pri
later, after the pentagon papers, erwin griswold, the solicitor general of the united states, who argued the pentagon papers case on behalf of the nixon administration, wrote a story for "the washington post" saying that in fact there was no national security issues whatsoever, and that he as a lawyer had to use every bit of ingenuity and creativity to even make an arguable case pits if anyone wants to read that, i am sure the attorneys in this room would. "the washington post, irwin griswald. you can check out on nexis lexus. no national security issues of all. >> pennsylvania is an elected state at the federal level, as far as appointments. but every once in awhile, it gets played out as to whether pennsylvania should go to some combination -- excuse me -- appointed intellect. i'm going to ask and academic, john, to talk first about that topic. where do you think it should wind up? should it stay the way it is? judges close to home like county judges, are they electable in the sense that people know that? where is it if you go statewide -- or is it if you go statewide? >> at the local
on tropical storm ida. 50-mile per hour winds and heavy rain across much of the southeastern united states which has led to flooding in some areas particularly across portions of alabama. that is where the heaviest rain is right now. center of the storm has not yet made landfall but much of the rain and wind on the northern portion of that storm certainly has made landfall. right now, we are dealing with mild temperatures. 53degrees in the district. relative humidity, 89%. the winds are calm. parametric pressure on the rise, 0.27. here ia look at the satellite- radar. hook how cloudy it is across our region. much different from yesterday, the day before where we saw a good amount of sunshine. today, it will be mostly clouds. can't rule out a ray of sun here or there but a lot of clouds around for today and those clouds could eventually produce some moisture for us. here is your forecast for today though. we'll see a mild day. not as warm as it was yesterday. highs in the low to mid-60s. cloudy skies. maybe a sprinkle here or there butt best hance of rain rase lili tonight into tomorrow. mo
of israelis and palestinians to live in peace and security. it is also in the interest of the united states. it is urgently needed. the president knows that achieving this goal will be difficult, but he also has said that he will not weaver and his persistent pursuit of comprehensive peace in the middle east. for that reason, he has dedicated himself and his administration to the resumption of israeli-palestinian negotiations and to the creation of an atmosphere that maximizes the prospects for success. to be clear, the steps we have suggested to all parties -- israel, the palestinians, and the arab states -- to improve the atmosphere for negotiations are not ends to themselves, and they certainly are not preconditions to negotiations. but they can make a valuable contribution toward achieving our goal of successful negotiations that result in a two-state solution. that's why we've urged the palestinians to expand and improve their security efforts and to take strong and meaningful action on incitement. it's why we have urged the arab states to take steps toward normalization of relations w
to fulfil its obligations and eliminate its nuclear weapons program, the united states will support economic assistance and help promote its full integration in the community of nations. that opportunity and respect will not come with threats. north korea must live up to its obligations. >> reporter: that statement echoed president lee's offer of a "grand bargain"-- aid for the communist north in return for giving up nuclear weapons. >> the north koreans haven't yet conveyed what they thought of the grand bargain, but in order for the north koreans to ensure their stability, to improve the lives of the north korean population, to have economic prosperity, in short: for a better future for the north koreans, it is my wish that the north koreans adopt the grand bargain proposal. >> reporter: the offer came just a week after north and south korean ships exchanged fire near a disputed border in the yellow sea. neither president mentioned the sea clash today. instead, mr. obama announced he'll send an envoy to north korea next month-- the first direct talks between washington and pyongyang since
governance. in other words, what is the role of the united states as a very significant shareholder in general motors. we're not looking at it from the auto industry but across the institution where we have a significant interest and what role the united states is playing in the management of those companies. the united states is the government the obama administration stated repeatedly that it wants to have the board run the company the way they deem appropriate and that's obviously a policy balance against the concerns raised by you which is taxpayer money being used to fund opal and make sure europeans maintain their jobs. we're going to do an audit product that really takes a look at what the obama administration has said its role is going to be and compare to what's actually happened and see how those match up and come up with some ideas and recommendations going forward. so we're going to take a look from an audit perspective but it's important to remember that when this money was invested, whether it was with general motors or citi or in the capital purchase program, differen
-paying jobs in the united states. export promotion would be something we could do without spending money. there may be tax provisions that may encouraging highering sooner are remember than than later, so we're looking at those. it is important to wreck r. recognize that if we keep on adding to the debt, even in the midst of this recovery, that a at some point people could lose confidence in the u.s. economy in a way that could lead to a double-dip recession, so one of the trickiest things that we're doing right now is to, on the one hand, make sure that the recovery is supported, and not withdraw a lot of money either with tax increases or big spending cuts and states, for example, need a lot of support to keep hiring teachers and so forth, and at the same time making sure we're setting up a pathway long term for the reduction. it is about as hard of a play as there is, but it's what we have to do, and whatever jobs, additional jobs legislation comes out with has to fit into that broader framework. >> does it raise the deficit or not? >> we haven't seen that and that's part of the reaso
in asia. >> the united states does not seek to contain china. on the contrary. the rise of a strong and a prosperous china can be a source of strength for the community of nations. gwen: and in afghanistan -- >> there is now a clear window of opportunity for president karzai and his government to make a new compact with the people of afghanistan. gwen: while on the home front, sarah palin turns best selling author. >> alaska and michigan have so much in common, with the hockey moms and the fishing. gwen: but what else does she have in mind? covering the week, karen tumulty of "time" magazine, david sanger of "the new york times," doyle mcmanus of "the los angeles times," and john dickerson of "slate" magazine and cbs news. >> celebrating 40 years of journalistic excellence, live from our nation's capital, this is "washington week" with gwen ifill, produced in association with "national journal." corporate funding for "washington week" is provided by -- >> the john hopkins global m.b.a., integrating global expertise with international understanding to develop leaders for a better wor
with the united states prior to the war in iraq. the reason we in theory a oppose the war was that we told the bush administration that would blind to that region and we don't underestimate the with them. for you to invade and occupy iraq will be equivalent to pandora's box of evils. you go there and you will unleash evils that we don't understand, all sorts of forest have been unleashed. it's actually run for any country in the world to go and occupy another country, dismantle its government, disbanded government, the spanish police force. and pretend that they know better. you made the decision. you looked to send your troops to iraq and i feel bad for every single human life that was lost in iraq, whether it was iraqi lives or american lives because those young soldiers didn't go there because they wanted to go there. this wasn't a decision taken by the bush administration. not every american situation like the war in iraq. what i'm trying to tell you is this is a controversial issue, but if you try to become part of the lies and forget you are an american and these are iraqis, believe
stronger and more capable of action and turn it into a strong partner for united states. we can build a strong partnership on this basis. first with russia, china and india. for ladies and gentlemen, the world we live in today is both freer and more integrated than ever before. the fall of the berlin wall, the technological revolution and information and communication technology and the rise of china, india and other countries and dynamic economies, all of this has changed the world of the 21st century into something completely different from what we knew in the 20th century, and this is a good thing, for freedom is the very essence of our economy and our society. . man ca e he's free. but what is also clear is that freedom does not stand alone. it is freedom in responsibility and freedom to show and shoulder responsibility. for this the world needs an underlying order. but the near collapse. but the near collapse. financial market has shown when is none, when there is no underpinning order. there is -- if there is one lesson the world has learned from the financial crisis of last yea
? >> i think there is a list, a long list, of countries over a period of time that the united states and the president will host as visitors and guest here, but i think what came about with this one, this is 810-year relationship -- 810-year relationship. over 10 years, there has really been an important partnership in reaching out on the part of president clinton, on the part of president bush, to really solidified this important strategic relationship. there is so much -- this is the largest democracy in the world, india is. we are the second-largest democracy. there is an important relationship that needs to be nurtured and continue. the national security advisers of the president -- have said that he should which it will recommend others that he should host. and ultimately, that will be his decision. >> we heard earlier that this is the first lady's show. when does the first lady's office began preparing for a state dinner? >> this dinner, likely, or this visit started right at the time that secretary clinton hand- deliver the invitation from president obama to prime minister sin
. the more mile air in place across the estern united states. we have been showing you the maps where we shown you breamington and rochester, temperatures in the 20s and 30s. our temperatures near or above normal. the forecast for today looks like this increasing clouds, seasonal temperatures, 58 degrees for your high. for tonight here is what we are looking at, -- tonight, 48 degrees is what we are looking at with some clouds. tomorrow more clouds build in. we have a hans of showers during the chance of showers during the course of the day. 39 tomorrow. saturday and sunday a chance of rain late in the day. that's a look at what is happening on the weather. let's get a update on traffic from julie. >>> here we go on the roads now. big delay ifs you are traveling eastbound along 66. the problem with the accident we had at 50 fair oaks activity pushed to the should i. slow out of centerville. delays from 123 towards the capitol beltway. southbound 270 of rockville on the slow side. it will be for a while. local lanes below speed as well. southbound 270, slow approaching passing 109. germa
is going toe different this time? how des the united states and its allies kno that they won't remake eveif they felthat we have reneged in the past? >> neith side can trust one another. that's why both sides have to live up to agreents. are we sure that they wll live up to angreement? no. but the way you make re is you don't try to the first to rege. you play thugh and see if they live up to t agreements. and that'something we haven't done >> okay. leon seagul,hank you very much for joining us. thank you for having me. >>> the presiden also talked about iran's nuclear program toy saying that rld lders willikely adopt new measures over the nxt several weeks to push iran for refusing to stop its uranium enrichment pgram. officials from the unite states, itain, hina, france, russia and germany will meet in brussels tomorrow discuss the meases. the president sa that now is e time for iran to show it wants to be responsible. >> we have begun discussions with o international partners about the importae of havin consequences, th the dual-track approach requir ir to get a clea message, that when
to the united states as the first state guest under the administration of president barack obama. in this city of great institutions, the petersen institute of special significance for me because on my last tour of duty here as minister for commerce at the embassy in the early 1990's, i relied a great deal on the wisdom and analysis of the petersen institute to make sense of a world that was then caught in tech tonic, political and economic shifts. that was also a time of momentous change in the direction of the indian economy . it was a change that was triggered by the immediate cause of an external payment crisis. but it was in response also to a fundamental reorientation in the mindset that had bun in the 1980's on what it would take to accelerate the economic development of the world's second-most populous nation. inled ya's nearly two decades of economic reforms have taken place in our own unique circumstances of a vibrant democrat creas, unparalleled pluralism and diversity and extraordinary social and economic challenges. they took place at a time when regional political parties were gr
of the united states on our deficit, asking about our health care bill for good heaven's sake. geithner got screamed at, demanded a resignation yesterday, which was a strange scene as well. how does this play into the stock market? >> i think it plays into the stock market, its effect on investor confidence globally. you've got big strong economic growth going on outside the united states. employment is actually rising in eight or ten big countries. and i think the ability, the willingness, the tendency of foreign investors, big ones, in the trillions, to continue to send their dollars here, they want to feel that somebody is protecting the ongoing purchasing power of the dollar. and those three things you mentioned -- >> negative confidence. they're negative for confidence? >> they're a little bit shaky for confidence. i think you've got the -- you need a couple of people to come out and say we really do believe, not just the jawboning, we do believe in maintaining the external purchasing power of the almighty dollar. >> mike, when you get stock traders start saying to me, look at gold her
. at the conclusion of this soundbite, you will hear for the first time the president of the united states warning of a double-dip recession in the united states. listen. >> there may be some tax provisions that can encourage businesses to hire sooner rather than sitting on the sidelines so we're taking a look at those. i think it is important, though, to recognize that if we keep on adding to the debt even in the midst of this recovery, that at some point people could lose confidence in the u.s. economy in a way that could actually lead to a double-dip recession. brian: i think it also shows his impatience with the fact that the hiring is not coming back as quick. the unemployment number is higher than anyone projected. and on top of that he's saying, look, i see the polls, i see what happened two weeks ago. america is concerned about our national credit card. member deficits don't matter. clearly it does matter. gretchen: in both virginia and new jersey both of those states went to republican governors. the number one concern from voters at the exit polls was the economy by a huge margin so a lo
of the detainees who are drank russ and remain dangerous to the united states but can't be tried, that has slowed down the process, and for the first time, acknowledged that he is going to miss the deadline that, privately, white house aides have been suggesting for about a month or so would be missed but in that respect, the president said he told the country guantanomo will remain open, and by unable to say when it will be closed it could be open for most of 2010, which would be to a certain degree undercut what the president thought he would gain by closing guantanomo, which is a better reputation for the united states dealing with human rights. alyson: major, in a few moments we will go back to eric holder speaking about khalid sheik mohammed. did you have a chance to speak to the president about that trial specifically? alisyn: not directly, but the president said something interesting in the course of explaining what will happen to the detainees still at guantanomo. he said some will come to the united states and some will be convicted, which is something that is a bill odd for someone who
weapons and also nuclear weapons between russia and the united states. the treaty will expire and they want to reach an agreement before the december 5th deadline. they may of to talk about an umbrella agreement so they can create a new treaty to reduce stock piles in both countries. >> gregg: hundreds of protestors taking to the streets in seoul, south korea. demonstrators are angry about their government's plan to redispatch troops to afghanistan. that plan still needs to be plafd by the national assembly. south korea with crew 200 army medics and technicians two years ago. more demonstrations are planned to president obama's upcoming visit. >> julie: this week the nation has honored people but they are taking things to another level. they have teamed up to promote the wounded warrior project that helps injured soldiers. they were sporting special designs, camouflaged uniforms. live in columbia, south korea. so a big honor for people. what else are the south korea doing to salute the wounded warriors. >> they are wearing camouflage on the jerseys and camouflaged cleats that
of the united states. 54degrees. i tell you what, i saw the movie 201 yesterday. i'm just happy to see california on the map. here a look at the satellite- radar composite for the nation. there she is storminess in the midwest as you can sigh the low pressure system right there, the precipitation spinning around t that is very slowly making its way eastward. we've had clouds across the southeastern seaboard and into our region as well, some cloud cover. we'll see more clouds today than wave seen. sex is clear. part of the reason we've seen the temperature drop off so significantly there. here is the forecast for washington for today. not a bad day. increasing clouds, seasonal temperatures. 58degrees for your high. our normal high is 57 degrees. we're right there. for tonight, we'll see more clouds, a chance of some showers popping up overnight particularly out to the west. overnight low about 48 degrees. then for your five-day forecast, 59 tomorrow with showers and clouds. friday, saturday, look good. sunday, more cloud build in again and bring another chance of some rain showers in th
for an investigation on the battlefield because now we're saying he is subject to criminal court in the united states. >> reporter: but the most emotional moment for holder came as he was leaving the hearing. 9/11 family members like alice hoagland who lost a son on united flight 93 pleaded with him not to bring the accused terrorist to the u.s. >> we are heartsick and weary of the delays and the machinations and i am afraid that the theatrics are going to take over at this point and i very much regret that. >> reporter: holder says if the government somehow loses the case, khalid sheikh mohammed and the others would not be free, they'd be held in military custody as enemy combatants, virtually the same sat us the they now have. katie? >> couric: bob orr, bob, thanks very much. now turning to the president's trip to asia. he played tourist bundling up for a visit to the great wall of china. he called it magical. from there it was on to the final stop, south korea. before they left beijing, chief white house correspondent chip reid talked one on one with the president about a number of issues, includi
, srch waiting for president obama's decision about future afghan strategy coming from the united states. we talked to several top military officials and they keep using phrases like a critical turning point, also catch phrases like the last quarter of a football game, and also a craps shoot, maybe the roll of the dice. they know if they don't do it now and do it right, then the situation is lost. they are waiting for troops and resources, but they are aiming to keep al qaeda out but this is a deal with the taliban in some way. they're not going for a per fejt modern democracy. they just want a stable state with some security in which they can lead. they admit to me that it is not a done deal. gregg: greg palkot from afghanistan, thank you very much . >> the foreign minister from tehran says they will not sending enriched uranium to another country for holding but they would swap it in exchange for fuel rods for their medical research facility. tehran is saying the swap must take place on iranian soil, of course part of the ongoing discussion between iran and the united states to allow r
. some say he shouldn't have been in the army at that point. >> as a major in united states army he is without permission contacting an american enemy overseas in time of war, it should disqualify him from serve in the united states military. >> the military said it had no idea hasan was in contact with any muslim extremists. >>> veterans around the country are being honored. a wreath laying ceremony will be held later at the world war ii memorial, open to the public beginning at 8:00 this morning. >>> the vietnam veteran's memorial will be holding a service. president obama will commemorate the day at the tomb of the unknowns. >>> a teen tanning band will take effect in howard county. there was a hearing at the board of health yesterday to discuss the issue before the board unanimously approved it. it bans anyone under 18 from using the indoor tanning devices. the international agency on cancer recently classified tanning beds as cancer causing agents. >>> time is 5:06. 53 degrees. you can get a vaccine, but your pet cannot. >>> this morning a warning from vets, you be loved pet co
the country could shrink to four time zones, how many the united states has. but russia is 5,500 miles wide, about twice the size of the united states. supporters say it will make disabout the regions feel closer to moscow. >> until the sunsets at 5:00 for you. >>> still breezy for new england. this weather is brought to you by green giant. what's going on across the region? yesterday, a lot of rain. this is how much we've seen. not just 24 hours. it start start ad few days ago. that's a tremendous amount of rainfall. it's all because of the wind straight off the atlantic through virginia and maryland and delaware, jersey, all the the way down to north carolina, too. that low is still in place. it's not moved very far. not as strong today. only 40 miles per hour gusts around the coastline. pab more. yesterday hurricane strength winds. here's what it looks like in new york. you get rain showers coming in. coastal flood warnings are there. p 34 miles per hour sustained winds all along the jersey shore. it breaks up in baltimore, washington, i-95. not as heavy as yesterday but you still get th
accused terrorists in the united states of america. but did eric holder make his case? you be the judge. brian? brian: how dumb can some criminals be? >> christmas came early for us today. yeah. back to the show. brian: they won't be opening up any presents this year. you won't believe how they got busted. our slogan from george in pueblo, colorado. when i get up to face the day, it's "fox & friends" that lights my way. steve: nice. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute -- -- gretchen: good morning, everyone. we start with a fox news alert. afghanistan's president hamid hars i didn't -- karzai has been sworn in. in his inaugural address he said his security forces should take the lead in the fight against insurgents. secretary of state hillary clinton attended the inauguration. before the ceremony she called on karzai to take accountability for his government. president obama headed back to washington. his last stop this morning, south korea, where he met with the country's president. among the issue, no
a scene here around the capitol, weekend session for the united states senate. >> thanks, mike. >>> the mixed messages surrounding new controversial mammogram guidelines. the federal government is now backing away from recommendations by an independent task force that women in their 40s bypass mammograms, the more relaxed approach prompted a flurry of outrage by experts and politicians alike. critics argue the new recommendations might be picked up by insurance companies and could lead to rationing. another critics says it would have the affect of death panels n a statement, health and human service s secretary kathleen sebelius distanced herself saying the task force presented new evidence for consideration, the policies remain unchanged, keep doing what you are doing for years. ann curry asked secretary sebelius to advise women to ignore the recommendations or no. >> ignore the recommendations of the flannel, looking globally at tens of thousands of cases but then take that information and have a conversation with your doctor. >> are you saying that women should still conside
flying back to the united states after attending hamid karzai's inauguration in afghanistan. clinton says that she is encouraged by karzai's pledge to crack down on corruption in his government. there has been a lot of pressure on him to do that. karzai also said his security forces will be prepared to take over full control from coalition forces within five years. clinton told american troops in kabul that washington has no illusions about the difficulty of the afghan mission. she cited the importance of the u.s. civilian effort, as well in what is going on in afghanistanment coming up, palin answers questions about john mccain, and his former aide. politico's jim vanderhide joining us next. from ft. wayne, indiana. >> i think she is definitely a pioneer. >> she has already changed the face of america. and she is just an incredible, inspirational person to many us. some pharmacists only dispense prescriptions. your walgreens pharmacist also dispenses wisdom... to help you make the right health care decisions. like understanding medicare part d. we'll walk you through a free plan comparis
is under president -- is under pressure from the united states and other countries to end corruption in their government. >>> somali pirates have attacked the maersk alabama but this time the outcome was different. they fired on the ship but private securityuards on board fired back and the pirates fled. in april, they attacked the ship and held its captain hostage until navy seals rescued him. two former maersk crew members and ask them to rename or repaint the ship because they felt it would be attacked again but nothing was done. >>> a college student is dead and her classmate is injured every hunter fired on them. there were collecting frogs in the woods near ferrum college won a hunter said he mistake -- mistook the group as a deer. jessica clark died after she was shot in the chest. a man from mclean was shot in the arm. a third stood was not injured. >> he is a wonderful boy, and it is very sad it happened to him. i'm glad to know he is ok now and i feel very blessed that he was ok. >> the man will require that the physical therapy. a 31-year-old jason cloutier was charged wit
and irreversible steps and eliminate its nuclear weapons program the united states will support the economic assistance. >> reporter: he also revealed allies have begun drafting a program. >> i continue to hold out to prospect. they may decide to walk through this door. i hope they do. >> reporter: his last stop, the base where 20,000 u.s. troops have been on combat duty since the end of the korean war, more than 50 years ago. this has been a long week, halfway around the world from the immediate decisions pressing on president obama. including troop increases for afghanistan. now, there were some setbacks. there may be a missed deadline on a climate trade treaty but president obama doesn't feel that this week was a waste of time or jet fuel. >>> a developing story now from pakistan. a suicide bomber blew himself out of a courthouse in peshawar. bombings have killed more than 200 people there since the army launched an offensive against the taliban last month. >>> hamid karzai has inaugurated for his second term as president. but the afghan leader got a stern warning from secretary of state
agreement between the united states and south korea that is still not ratified by the u.s. the president will also address troops, american troops that are stationed in south korea when he is there before he leaves back for the states. president obama did sit down with me for an interview before he left beijing. we touched on a number of topics, afghanistan, the khalid shake mow ham tuhammamuhammad, presidency is taking a physical toll on him or not. you'll see all of those questions and answer later on the "today" show and later on msnbc. back to you, christina. >> thanks so much, chuck. don't miss chuck todd's interview which airs this morning on 7:00 a.m. on "today" right here on this nbc station. >>> well, faced with a new obstacle to the middle east peace process, the white house is delivering sharp criticism of israel's plans to build 900 new housing units in the east jerusalem neighborhood. the white house has called for israel to halt its construction in the area and said it's, quote, dismayed by the plan to proceed. land that was captured back in 1967 but claimed as preliminarie
4362 united states troops have been killed in operation iraqi freedom. 16,000 single mothers were serving in iraq and afghanistan at the end of 2006. the average age of u.s. troops in iraq is 26. accordingly that was also the average age for u.s. casualties. molly is live at a u.s. military base in eastern baghdad. >> i am not far from soder city, this is one of the few places you will still find american troops inside of the city after the 30th. they are still getting used to their new advisory non-combat role. >> today's mission for charlie company is providing protection for a civil affairs team working with local businesses. the soldiers will mussy gunfire, it is not even a regular patrol. >> it is more of being a security element. >> iraqi army is in charge of basic security. charlie company spends more time on the base. they are down from two missions for day to one. their lives are in real danger -- not in real danger as much. the soldiers battled boredom with video games and workouts. >> off when you are working you wish that you had more time. either way you will find you
, a lot of that when the chinese ship products to the united states, we americans buy their goods. and we, of course, pay dollars. so china right now is sitting on a big sack of u.s. money which they invest in america. >> say that the chinese sack of dollars is $1.4 trillion thick. >> reporter: that's a lot of money. so some chinese are asking, why not take the profits that china has made in america and sell u.s. stocks and bonds and dollars and turn them into chinese money so china can fix some of the problems they've got at home? so if china is going to change $1 trillion into chinese money, that means china is going to sell $1 trillion. and buy a huge amount of chinese money. and moving that much wealth from one nation to the other will lower the value of the u.s. dollar, raise the value of chinese money, with the unfortunate effect that then anything made in china becomes more expensive in america. >> if they take $1.4 trillion out of the united states and pour it into china, the value of the chinese currency is going to more than double. if it more than doubles, everything we buy fro
and even the recommendation, even the united states preventive task force said that it's important that they will find less cancer. get the mammogram and save your life. >> maryland senator issued a statement saying the report quote threatens the decades of progress we made in improving access and methods of breast cancer screening that saves lives. it could give insurance companies already looking for ways to deny coverage to women another reason to do so. but not all doctors believe the new recommendations are a bad idea. >> mainly the cancer caused between 40 and 50 would have had the same course as we waited for the cancer to express itself in a different way. that is showing by studying women that didn't undergo screening. it didn't make any difference. not only do we put many more women through procedures, we label cancer patients and lots of women who didn't have the cancer yet. >> area physicians have been pretty busy answering questions from confused patients and as lindsey reports, many doctors are now worried patients will soon cancel their mammogram appointment. >>>
? >> with all due respect, yes. >> have you thought about running for president of the united states in 2012, have you thought about it? >> it's not on my radar screen right now. >> in n "the washington post" absent news poll, 60% say palin isn't qualified to be president. he book is already a bestseller. >>> convicted ponzi schem bernie madoff'sropertys ctioneoff in f uderdale. they are auctioning "the bull" a 55-foot custom yacht, "sitting bull" and "little bl in. "and a mercedes-benz convertible,ll once own by the now-imprisoned financeyear. much of his personal property auctioned off saturday. money goes to the victims of his ponzi scheme. >>> a lot of folks getti a lot of goods there. just ahead on news4 at 4:0 news your health. >> what expecting moms need to know about premature births. >> brad pittnd angelina jolie are going into a new business. >> nasaaking steps to ensure the sp shuttle's return home >>> nasa is doing a once-over o the space shuttle "atlantis." astronauts are checking out the thermal shielding. nasa says the shuttle wasn't damaged during yesterday's launch, but they
-- or heavy rain across the southeastern united states with some areas of flooding being reported in particular in alabama. so the heavy rain is there. the eye of the storm as it is will cross oveas steve and gurvir said by the end of our broadcast today but the rain is already there. the wind is there as well as tropicastorm ida makes its way ashore. we'll talk more about that a little bit later. right now, here, closer to home, our current temperature here in washington as we go back to the graphics is 55 degrees. route, 80%. winds are calm. here is a look at the satellite- radar. tucker was showing you. this a lot of cloud cover across the eastern u.s. we were in the clear for the morning hours and then the clouds started to move in. it will just be cloudy. you might sea peek of sun here or there but for the most part, cloudy skies. some of that from the tropical storm system down it our south. here is the day planner for today. we had a couple of days in the 70s. that was nice. today, we fall back into the low and mid-60s which is still above normal so it will still be a mild
defending the united states in iraq and afghanistan. we know those killed in the line of duty and today a 21-fgun salute. shepard: a day many americans are off work and school tkherpb are out -- children are out of school the president tried to put meaning of the day in perspective. >> we call this a holiday but for many veterans it is another day of memories that drive them to live their lives each day as best they can. for our troops it is another day in harm's way. for their families it is another day to feel the absence of a loved one and concern for their safety. for our wounded warriors it is another day of slow and arduous recovery. in this national cemetery, it is another day when grief remains fresh. shepard: as members of our armed forces march in parades, recover in hospitals and fight bravely on the battlefields we americans extend our thanks. what are you doing to celebrate veterans day? that is our question of the day on the shep page. go to right now we are running a poll question asking what are you doing and a little veterans day message. if a while we will
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